Shoes Care

Wipe your shoes

You can enhance the durability of your shoes by wiping them after every use. You can use a brush and a damp towel to remove dirt. This will help to keep your shoes free from dirt and dust and will also eliminate minor scuffs and stains before they become permanent. You should never store dirty shoes because they can result in permanent stains and affect the durability of your shoes.

Avoid regular use

Most people are tempted to wear the same pair of footwear every day. However, shoes also need some days off. It is advisable that you rotate your shoes so that they can also have time to rest. Your footwear should be aired out and have time to breathe. Therefore, you should avoid wearing the same shoe three times every week. Your footwear will last longer if you allow them adequate time to recover their original shape and rest.

Water protector

Using a water protector is one of the best shoe care techniques to save your footwear from rainy days. Irrespective of the material, you should spray your new shoes with a water protector. This will ensure that no liquids or rain are able to penetrate through the shoes. It is important that you do this at least four times every year. If your leather shoes are rained on, allow them to dry out at room temperature because blow drying them will shrink them.

Keep them covered

To guard your footwear from dirt and dust in the closet, you should store them in cotton or felt shoe bags because it allows them to breathe. You should avoid storing the footwear in plastic bags because they will dry them out. If you do not have a breathable bag, then you can opt for a shoe rack. However, ensure that they have space between them, especially for patent leather and leather shoes.

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